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Here at Rewards Plus More we take a look at all the different areas of product or service that add value to the whole package, thus by identifying the not so obvious factors we can begin to see some areas you might be lacking in as a local business owner.

You see if you had the best product in the world and the best marketing, you would be rich beyond imagination. It is getting all the little factors correct and moving up 1 mm up at a time that makes you a master over time.

So for example the other day I was on the way to the hardware store and my alternator decided to go out. I was stuck on side of the road with only a phone but no cash on me. Left with no other choice, I proceeded to call the nearest towing company. It turns out I was blessed by getting served by one of the most professional, friendly towing company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, so lets take a look at why I thought their service was top notch and you can possibly apply it to your own business, whether you run a tow company or not.

First of all they answered my call! Not never, second time, or after 3rd follow up. They were on the Phone BAM, and they were quick to the point, they were not their to waste their time or yours. I respect that because they just came across as very matter of factly, like yea we will solve your problem just tell me X, Y, Z. Which were things like what maker, model and year was my  vehicle and another thing is they only accepted cash but with no cash I thought I had to call some extended family up but just when I was ready to toss in the towel to possibly find a different solution which was to have my aunt come pick me up. I remember my high school friend was working for a towing company so I decided to give him a call.

He had someone come take a look in less than 20 min which in the towing business is unheard of, crazy fast response times. And I needed it because I was on the way for a meeting after the hardware store.

Thank god it was simply a blown out spark plug which is much a cheaper fix and this company had enough integrity to tell me what’s really up. Which speaks volumes about their service.

When we are in a frizzled mind, we struggle. Towing service is something you definitely want fast without much time to price shop or research. A good rule  of thumb is pick companies that’s high on the search result as that shows the company has longevity or they were guarded by positive reviews which attracted my attention and finally caused them to gain financial compentsation by me.

But lets face it for a simple towing company the two key feature is execution and price.

If you can outdo your competitor in these areas, over the long term you will win and succeed many times over what you thought was possible.


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