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Hey So as you know I speak to many business owners and I meet all kinds of different personalities out there, and over the years I have spotted certain traits that the real successful business owners have that I think is key to success for any business

So I will list out some of the key traits that succesful business owners have that I have seen

  • Action takers, they take action and analyze the results later: I think so many of us get paralysis by analysis, we think and think and think about all the different things in our lives, until we really get no where in life. We think ourselves to death. But really it is the right action persisted over time that yields the results
  • Positive minded: Did you know that optimism can be a learned trait? most people don’t know this but you must train to become positive. Because we are conditioned to look at our problems, we forget to become optimistic. We latch onto our old problems and think we are doomed when really its only a difference in perception. The great business owners that I have come across were all positive minded individuals that win the day seize the moment
  • They have a winning attitude towards success: this kinda goes with the last statement, but the successful business owners assume that they are the best, even though it may not be the absolute facts, but its your thinking and your world anyway so why not perceive yourself as the winner?
  • They overcome failures without the loss of enthusiasm: this one is big because when you are headed towards a goal or vision, there will be obstacles and failures along the way. The path is not suppose to be easy, but the challenges are there so that you can grow and become a stronger individual. When there are set back it is vital to get back on the path as quickly as possible and continue onwards without the loss of enthusiasm.
  • They spark their mind at least once a day with inspirations or from people that are operating at the highest levels: This one might be one of the most important fact of all, all top achievers continue to listen to audiobooks or read self development books and information that allows them to continue to progress and achieve higher levels of performance and productivity. All top achievers spark their minds with exciting inspirations that reignite the candle of passion in them.

So there’s a lot of inspirations out there for one to take away from and by talking to business owners of all types you begin to see a common thread amongst the real successful business owners. They are the guys that are consistently winning in life and business. They weren’t born this way but they learned to be this way. There is a big difference in assumption.

The more I study about successful people the more I realize that there was always all this misconceived notion about success and what does it take to get there. At the heart of it all saying that successful people were born with it, is an excuse that people that have already given up on their success make to justify the fact that they have already given up. Successful people simply worked at it. Nothing more nothing less. If it is mind set you need to change, great go out and get books and audiobooks that will strengthen your mind, if it is work ethics read all the books out there for it and put it to practice over and over again. You have to one day mature, & take charge.


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