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tigerThe highest achievers in this world are the producers, they have successful habits in place where they cut out all distractions and focus on their 1 particular craft for the day. They get this done first thing in the morning and they make sure the work they put in will make them money while the person is asleep. Successful people don’t just dream about money but they take correct action to ensure it. So that it becomes inevitable.

And one of the keys to success is to have a really productive morning. One where you wake up and go straight to work and work so hard that you forget what day or time it is. Why in the morning you may ask? Because in the morning you have the highest amount of will power left in your gas tank.

And overtime like a phone battery this will power tank slowly erodes away. So you are the highest performing peak in the morning and it is this that makes people successful in life. When you look at the highest achievers of this world whether that be Warren Buffet or Steve Jobbs, they dedicate a portion of their everyday in their education and learning  from the best out there. I believe this is critical to success something that challenges your thinking and makes you better than you were yesterday is going to be critical in your ability to influence and persuade people into doing business with you.

I studied success for a longtime and I can say if there’s one thing that can make all the difference is developing successful habits, transitioning from consumer to producer. Whether it’d be tree service guys or towing guys  I take every opportunity I can get to learn from these business owners the key to success. That’s another rewarding thing about working with local business owners is you get a chance to build a relationship with them where you can learn a lot of good information from them regarding business and success.

Few weeks back I had to get a limousine for my friends birthday party and I met an owner who also owns limo sales business and he builds and rents these limousines out for people

His site:

Its pretty interesting to see what you preach and think about get reflected back to you in real life. I was thinking about the concept of becoming a producer all day long and here I am meeting a business owners that does just that. He has the skill and knowledge to build limousines from anything. he can cut a real car in half and stretch it to make it into a limo.

Anyway take a look at his site, he’s got all kinds of cool limos on there like Bentley, Rolls Royce, and he does Escalade 2015 body kits, which I thought was pretty cool.


I think majority of the people out there are stuck in a cycle of consuming instead of producing. We all have the capabilities to produce everyday but I think we settle for consumerism because it appears to take less energy. Yet in my humble opinion even the mindless activity of consumerism does take energy and it begins weakening the human will power at the core and once that’s gone all hope will be lost.

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