Hello guys this Rewards Plus More page is about finding the best local businesses in Michigan to shop at. Places where you are rewarded for going and made you feel glad that you went to that store.

The rewards we speak of are not necessarily limited to free goods or cash rewards, the rewards could be intangible like uplift of your mood, increase in health and sense of well-being and social rewards as in you are given props by your closest associates.

Many of us shop to exchange our money for some goods or service and judge our decision based solely on that particular good or service and how it served us. What we don’t realize is that there much more extraneous intangible qualities during our transaction that is overlaying the entire experience we had with that business that is influencing our judgement on whether we should return to that business or not.

This is something most people do not speak about because it is operating on the subconscious communication and decision making levels, where if given a survey people wouldn’t necessarily voice these factors but they are there, influencing every step of the way.

As a complete fanatic about service based businesses with 25 years of experience in consumer behavior analysis and research, I’d like to go into great depth about all of the qualities that make an excellent local service business such as Taxi, Limousine, Restaurants, Chiropractors, Towing Company, Carpet Cleaning and more.

If you want to find out more follow this blog and I will be talking about all the rewards that each company gives plus more qualities.

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