How to produce & become successful, Becoming a Producer

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tigerThe highest achievers in this world are the producers, they have successful habits in place where they cut out all distractions and focus on their 1 particular craft for the day. They get this done first thing in the morning and they make sure the work they put in will make them money while the person is asleep. Successful people don’t just dream about money but they take correct action to ensure it. So that it becomes inevitable.

And one of the keys to success is to have a really productive morning. One where you wake up and go straight to work and work so hard that you forget what day or time it is. Why in the morning you may ask? Because in the morning you have the highest amount of will power left in your gas tank.

And overtime like a phone battery this will power tank slowly erodes away. So you are the highest performing peak in the morning and it is this that makes people successful in life. When you look at the highest achievers of this world whether that be Warren Buffet or Steve Jobbs, they dedicate a portion of their everyday in their education and learning  from the best out there. I believe this is critical to success something that challenges your thinking and makes you better than you were yesterday is going to be critical in your ability to influence and persuade people into doing business with you.

I studied success for a longtime and I can say if there’s one thing that can make all the difference is developing successful habits, transitioning from consumer to producer. Whether it’d be tree service guys or towing guys  I take every opportunity I can get to learn from these business owners the key to success. That’s another rewarding thing about working with local business owners is you get a chance to build a relationship with them where you can learn a lot of good information from them regarding business and success.

Few weeks back I had to get a limousine for my friends birthday party and I met an owner who also owns limo sales business and he builds and rents these limousines out for people

His site: http://www.limocreator.com/

Its pretty interesting to see what you preach and think about get reflected back to you in real life. I was thinking about the concept of becoming a producer all day long and here I am meeting a business owners that does just that. He has the skill and knowledge to build limousines from anything. he can cut a real car in half and stretch it to make it into a limo.

Anyway take a look at his site, he’s got all kinds of cool limos on there like Bentley, Rolls Royce, and he does Escalade 2015 body kits, which I thought was pretty cool.


I think majority of the people out there are stuck in a cycle of consuming instead of producing. We all have the capabilities to produce everyday but I think we settle for consumerism because it appears to take less energy. Yet in my humble opinion even the mindless activity of consumerism does take energy and it begins weakening the human will power at the core and once that’s gone all hope will be lost.

Exceptional Towing Service

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Here at Rewards Plus More we take a look at all the different areas of product or service that add value to the whole package, thus by identifying the not so obvious factors we can begin to see some areas you might be lacking in as a local business owner.

You see if you had the best product in the world and the best marketing, you would be rich beyond imagination. It is getting all the little factors correct and moving up 1 mm up at a time that makes you a master over time.

So for example the other day I was on the way to the hardware store and my alternator decided to go out. I was stuck on side of the road with only a phone but no cash on me. Left with no other choice, I proceeded to call the nearest towing company. It turns out I was blessed by getting served by one of the most professional, friendly towing company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, so lets take a look at why I thought their service was top notch and you can possibly apply it to your own business, whether you run a tow company or not.

First of all they answered my call! Not never, second time, or after 3rd follow up. They were on the Phone BAM, and they were quick to the point, they were not their to waste their time or yours. I respect that because they just came across as very matter of factly, like yea we will solve your problem just tell me X, Y, Z. Which were things like what maker, model and year was my  vehicle and another thing is they only accepted cash but with no cash I thought I had to call some extended family up but just when I was ready to toss in the towel to possibly find a different solution which was to have my aunt come pick me up. I remember my high school friend was working for a towing company so I decided to give him a call.

He had someone come take a look in less than 20 min which in the towing business is unheard of, crazy fast response times. And I needed it because I was on the way for a meeting after the hardware store.

Thank god it was simply a blown out spark plug which is much a cheaper fix and this company had enough integrity to tell me what’s really up. Which speaks volumes about their service.

When we are in a frizzled mind, we struggle. Towing service is something you definitely want fast without much time to price shop or research. A good rule  of thumb is pick companies that’s high on the search result as that shows the company has longevity or they were guarded by positive reviews which attracted my attention and finally caused them to gain financial compentsation by me.

But lets face it for a simple towing company the two key feature is execution and price.

If you can outdo your competitor in these areas, over the long term you will win and succeed many times over what you thought was possible.


Rewards Plus More is Back and Bringing You More Hotness

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Hey everyone, I’m back with a new blog and feeling very sexy on this new fresh clean site and I’m about to drop some knowledge bombs on ya’ll about what makes a local business stand out from the rest. The name of the game in this business is attention because money & power follows attention. How do we get attention?

By massive action

When your competition is sleeping, your up making products to sell.

When the competition is taking a break on Sunday, your up early in the AM and making more products to sell plus marketing.

When your competition thought you would be disappearing soon, you turn up the volume and create 5 more websites to dominate the online presence even harder… I’m talking about covering every inch of the search engine so your competition doesn’t even want to compete anymore.

The mentality of a dominator

One that creates his own rules and creates a whole ecosystem of commerce around him, everywhere he goes attention and money soon follows. He or she takes time out of their busy schedule to always learn and improve his or her skills. This person fails plenty of times because he takes a lot of action, but what he does and where most of his peers and competition fails at is he will keep trying without the loss of enthusiasm. He is the one that takes a blow and knows how to get back up, dust himself off, congratulate him or herself for trying their best, move on and learn from the mistakes and take more actions again and again.

Yes becoming successful in local business is all about you becoming a successful human being. You becoming an independent, sovereign human being, there are many social conditioning that tells you you can’t live this way or its somehow wrong and dangerous to live this way, but this is the only path out of the matrix and into a world of possibilities and greatness you never though possible.

When you begin operating as a sovereign human being, there will be a period of solitude this is to be expected and welcomed. You are now leaving the atmosphere where 90% of humans live on planet earth. Make no mistake about it, we are in a slave society and the largest enforcement is the 9 to 5. Think about it, a system where you make only a set amount hourly for 5 days a week and that set amount will only increase marginally each year.

This is the program that most of us are trapped under, and in this program that you must understand and realize as business entrepreneur to actualize and cultivate the right mindset to not just survive but thrive.

So join us at rewardsplusmore.com where we talk about anything from living the life of your dreams, to real world pratical ways to start producing more revenue for your business today. The big key is understanding the psychology of your buyers and leveraging your position in the market place by becoming the dominator.

More to report soon..