One of the rewards of becoming a long-term client for a local business

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Why I am so passionate about shopping locally, not only are you supporting your very own community by allowing different families with real lives make a living and feed their families but you are also establishing long term relationship with these business owners that can give you rewards that is often times not readily seen at the time of purchase.

Trust is the intangible, that is valued most by Local Business Owners

For example, when you shop for a tree service or in need of towing company in your area, you most likely will go local and the beauty thing is they will give you the best prices because they can get to you quickly and they will often times give you the best deals when you become a returning customer. Get to know these business people and they can even go out of their way to service you first and give you top priority. Local business owners highly value long term clients because the long term clients simply buy because the trust has been already established.

and They do not ever want to lose that trust.

Got my car towed again!

I’ll give you a quick story. Few days I go I got my car towed and usually for tow companies the average rate is like $75 a hook up and $5 per mile the car is towed. Well I was stuck two cities down from my home and instead of calling the local tow companies, I went with my guy that I got few months back (yes I am not having good luck with cars lately) and even though this company was few cities away, they quoted me the best price because they value me as long term client of theirs. So it was only $60 hook up and $3 per mile.

I got to ride on the way back to my house and got talking to the tow truck owner, this run the owner was doing the tow himself and got to talking to him. He’s been in the business for little over 4 years but he started when he was very little as his dad and grandfather in the tow truck business in Sterling Heights, MI. So he’s seen the business ever since he was little and I asked him how is his business, and he explained that there two types of tow truck companies, those that completely rely on having accounts, those are getting partnered with the collision shops for example, where the customer that’s been in an accident calls the collision shop and insurance has covered everything. The collision shop will use their tow truck company that they are partnered with and in this way they bring in tons of business that’s essentially already closed so the work is already done deal for them.

And there are tow companies that rely heavily on map listings and customers calling them, this is considered cash calls and they are also valuable for tow truck companies.

You ideally want both types of business but some towing companies do prefer just focusing on the large accounts they have and they could care less about the cash calls. There’s really no way to tell but the important thing may be to simply trying a tow company and continue to use them if you are satisfied with their service, and let them know the second or third time that you are a returning customer. You will see a shift in their focus in treating you the best service possible.

In this article they even discuss buying a share in local business and more and more I’m starting to think that’s not a bad idea.


Just a tip on some of the rewards of dealing with local business, the personalized attention & care once you establish long term relations with these companies.