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Hey So as you know I speak to many business owners and I meet all kinds of different personalities out there, and over the years I have spotted certain traits that the real successful business owners have that I think is key to success for any business

So I will list out some of the key traits that succesful business owners have that I have seen

  • Action takers, they take action and analyze the results later: I think so many of us get paralysis by analysis, we think and think and think about all the different things in our lives, until we really get no where in life. We think ourselves to death. But really it is the right action persisted over time that yields the results
  • Positive minded: Did you know that optimism can be a learned trait? most people don’t know this but you must train to become positive. Because we are conditioned to look at our problems, we forget to become optimistic. We latch onto our old problems and think we are doomed when really its only a difference in perception. The great business owners that I have come across were all positive minded individuals that win the day seize the moment
  • They have a winning attitude towards success: this kinda goes with the last statement, but the successful business owners assume that they are the best, even though it may not be the absolute facts, but its your thinking and your world anyway so why not perceive yourself as the winner?
  • They overcome failures without the loss of enthusiasm: this one is big because when you are headed towards a goal or vision, there will be obstacles and failures along the way. The path is not suppose to be easy, but the challenges are there so that you can grow and become a stronger individual. When there are set back it is vital to get back on the path as quickly as possible and continue onwards without the loss of enthusiasm.
  • They spark their mind at least once a day with inspirations or from people that are operating at the highest levels: This one might be one of the most important fact of all, all top achievers continue to listen to audiobooks or read self development books and information that allows them to continue to progress and achieve higher levels of performance and productivity. All top achievers spark their minds with exciting inspirations that reignite the candle of passion in them.

So there’s a lot of inspirations out there for one to take away from and by talking to business owners of all types you begin to see a common thread amongst the real successful business owners. They are the guys that are consistently winning in life and business. They weren’t born this way but they learned to be this way. There is a big difference in assumption.

The more I study about successful people the more I realize that there was always all this misconceived notion about success and what does it take to get there. At the heart of it all saying that successful people were born with it, is an excuse that people that have already given up on their success make to justify the fact that they have already given up. Successful people simply worked at it. Nothing more nothing less. If it is mind set you need to change, great go out and get books and audiobooks that will strengthen your mind, if it is work ethics read all the books out there for it and put it to practice over and over again. You have to one day mature, & take charge.


My friend knows some really wonderful business owners in Lansing

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So I was over at my friends place in Lansing this past weekend and we were playing some drinking games with neighbors while we watched the local Tree Company come and remove a big maple out of the backyard. My friend told me they are their friends and have been doing tree service from them for over 10 years! I said, wow and told them that my hobby was to write about local business owners and how everyone should shop local and get acquainted with their local business owners because there’s always rewards plus more built in to it that is quite rewarding to build long established relationship with these business owners.

And my friend agreed, in fact my friend told me they charge them 20% down every time and the owner if he is booked up will still make room for them and send few guys out to help with the process. I thought that was quite amazing because it really does reflect what I know to be true about working with local business owners there is always more rewards than working with a corporation or a big company that doesn’t care.

You see local business owners are still involved with you and your needs, a big corporation is a faceless organization where the crew that comes to do the job for you are always changing and only getting hourly salary for their work.


When it comes to getting things done, in  a way that pleases you and goes beyond what you paid for, only local business with the business owner still at the helm will have the incentive to go the extra mile for you and for their returning customers I have seen that they go for that extra mile quite frequently. One of the main reasons why I love local business owner is that they will remember you for the next 10-20 years.

Now tree service is interesting, did you know it is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet? Right next to crab fishing? Yes sometimes men are required to climb up 60 feet in the air to take down branches and huge sections of logs only tied down by few safety rope. When the chain saw accidentally cuts through the rope the climber is dead.

When you are dealing with climbing trees with a big heavy chainsaw and cutting down massive branches, the risks and dangerous are everywhere. This is why it is extremely important to hire a company with at least 10-15 years of experience. When you get Tree Work done you really want to be sure that you not only stay protected at all costs but the workers are licensed, insured & bonded.

When the city allows any regular joe to put up google listing as a tree cutter, you have to really watch out for these people that will bid really low and then offer a service that is not safe and the workers are uninsured. If something were to happen on the job it is the homeowners that will pay the price.

Now I do not have great deal of experience with tree companies except 4 years ago when my maple had its days, and it was ready to be taken down, because the branches were taking over a lot of the property and over the house there was no way to simply cut the tree at the base and have it safely fall down with causing damage. This tree needed to be taken down in sections so it was really a good 6 hour job. We looked up online for a reputable company in the area and called Lansing Tree Service

They were really fantastic group of guys to be honest

They came the very next day and gave me a quote that I was very happy with, and I didn’t want to bother getting more tree companies to come out so I went with them and it was a very satisfying job.

And now I can call them back and I bet there will be intrinsic rewards and that alike!

-Keep shopping local ya’ll

Exceptional Towing Service

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Here at Rewards Plus More we take a look at all the different areas of product or service that add value to the whole package, thus by identifying the not so obvious factors we can begin to see some areas you might be lacking in as a local business owner.

You see if you had the best product in the world and the best marketing, you would be rich beyond imagination. It is getting all the little factors correct and moving up 1 mm up at a time that makes you a master over time.

So for example the other day I was on the way to the hardware store and my alternator decided to go out. I was stuck on side of the road with only a phone but no cash on me. Left with no other choice, I proceeded to call the nearest towing company. It turns out I was blessed by getting served by one of the most professional, friendly towing company I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with, so lets take a look at why I thought their service was top notch and you can possibly apply it to your own business, whether you run a tow company or not.

First of all they answered my call! Not never, second time, or after 3rd follow up. They were on the Phone BAM, and they were quick to the point, they were not their to waste their time or yours. I respect that because they just came across as very matter of factly, like yea we will solve your problem just tell me X, Y, Z. Which were things like what maker, model and year was my  vehicle and another thing is they only accepted cash but with no cash I thought I had to call some extended family up but just when I was ready to toss in the towel to possibly find a different solution which was to have my aunt come pick me up. I remember my high school friend was working for a towing company so I decided to give him a call.

He had someone come take a look in less than 20 min which in the towing business is unheard of, crazy fast response times. And I needed it because I was on the way for a meeting after the hardware store.

Thank god it was simply a blown out spark plug which is much a cheaper fix and this company had enough integrity to tell me what’s really up. Which speaks volumes about their service.

When we are in a frizzled mind, we struggle. Towing service is something you definitely want fast without much time to price shop or research. A good rule  of thumb is pick companies that’s high on the search result as that shows the company has longevity or they were guarded by positive reviews which attracted my attention and finally caused them to gain financial compentsation by me.

But lets face it for a simple towing company the two key feature is execution and price.

If you can outdo your competitor in these areas, over the long term you will win and succeed many times over what you thought was possible.